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Full Version: FEZ [NPUB31448]
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Game shows nothing fancy, but it doesn't load files from .arc archive. Don't know if it's game specific or emulator code do not detect files. I this case data.arc is a compressed file that actually is psarc format. After renaming to data.psarc some ps3 tool exctracts all content and game starts to see unpacked files.

First log
Game stops at [nprank_bg] thread, i pause this thread, then resume game, all in debugger, then game cannot read files in arc file and immediately throws errors.

Second log after unpacking files from data.arc (psarc archive)
Game stops at [nprank_bg] thread, i pause this thread, then resume game, all in debugger, then game reads unpacked files from arc and after long run throws errors.
Game after many revisions boots again. During booting i see flashing screen black and white, rsx gives corrupted textures. I still keep unpacked psarc game files. Need to disable multistream thread for speed up things.

Yagami Light9

cellFiber_Library v1.1
cellPngDec_Library v1.1
cellSpursJq_Library v1.1
cellSre_Library v1.1
cellSail_Libarary v1.1

PPU - Interpreter 2
SPU - Interpreter ASMJIT

Log : https://gist.github.com/SakataGintokiYT/...d1d2334781
Same settings as above apart from xaudio2 and vsync and Opengl.

I see no beginings logos, but just wanna say Opengl is not so far behind dx12
Tested on on rpcs3-v0.0.2-2017-03-12-bd2e1a63

Boots up and working smoothly, can play at 26~29fps at least.
Cons: auto-save feature not working, supposedly it auto-saves when completing first challenge and after that if you change areas going through doors, it will also auto-save progress. Also level 2 is accessible, just did the first cube and got through first door without any problems.

But still its a great improvement, now it works people!
Some pictures attatched to show proof.

Suggestion to move this thread to Ingame.
Also, sidenote: @Zangetsu said that LLVM is not going through.
"Other problem with LLVM in FEZ
F {PPU[0x1000000] Thread (main_thread)} class std::out_of_range thrown: invalid unordered_map<K, T> key"
- Log attached for LLVM issue.
Now works and is playable with LLVM
Moving to playable.
Moving to Ingame as recent testing on another region entry for this same game shows it had issues that deems it unplayable, even on older builds