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Full Version: About rpcs3.net, the website
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I noticed from prior thread that there's people having access and making development of the site. I was wondering how one could get access to do so, such as myself. I can clean up that site way better and even come up with a nice logo ... no, this isn't useful to rpcs3 beyond aesthetics but if you will have a site, why not consider letting someone improve the looks of it for later down the road?

I can do it very fast, can use HTML 5, JavaScript, PHP, CSS. I could add more pages to the site such as progression, emulator features, requirements, link to github, maybe a list of games that work that can be updated easily, etc. Basically whatever you want or whatever I can think of. Do not want any money and you don't even need to credit me for anything, just wondering what the word is on this and if anyone may help the site.



So that's a "no" to my service offer to the site personally? Huh


You can upload ideas somewhere else and we can look at it and if we like it and you give us permission to use it, everything's fine. But we're not giving you direct access


A WHOIS search revealed that George Moralis is the domain registrar, and he's a contributor to RPCS3:

Since he's the registrar of the domain, he has access, no? I will just ask him directly, unless he gave access/control to Alex/Shadow/Bigpet/etc. or whoever else, I'd like to know how the arrangement works. In better words, who the site is "run by" and who has "control" over it.
You better to contribute to CellX3.