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Full Version: null cmd error
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In all the latest commits of rpcs3, this null cmd command at the end of the log stops Just Cause 2 (BLUS30400) from loading. I don't know what it is but if the developers could figure it out, could they fix it in the next builds so the game boot could continue, because it automatically stops everytime and it wont go on at all. Thanks.

Here's the log,
There are like 50 other errors preceding it, including the usual spurs and gcm stuff. So no, this game won't load anything for at least a year.


anything that can be fixed anytime soon?? cause i'm think it could be at least an intro commercial game
Sorry, but no. The null command error is probably just what happens when the game tries to continue after failing several spurs and gcm commands.

Spurs and gcm are massive massive sets of instructions for multi threading and related things, and graphics. They are extremely important core functions of any games that use them, and no game that rely on these will run very far, if anywhere, for a good while until they are implemented. You can track progress on the official roadmap here: https://github.com/DHrpcs3/rpcs3/wiki/Roadmap

One exception that I can think of is the Arkedo series. Spurs is only used in the audio thread, so the game works, but with no sound.