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Full Version: The Witch and the Hundred Knight [BLES01987]
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This is impressive, being a completely new game and all. The game displays a gsframe with four pixels at the top edge, near the left corner. (No, this really can't be considered intro I think) There are a bunch of TODOs in gcm and spurs, as usual.

Log: http://pastebin.com/1U0Y2uUx
RPCS3 v0.0.2-3-2b79a36 Alpha
White screen only.


Game works now. Tried new game but frame rate was very low (7-11 fps). Black background, I could only see the character model and white ripples, without tutorial dialog. Then game froze.



Goes past main menu, but barely shows any 3D graphics. Invalidate cache helps a bit, but still far from usable. Very low FPS and crashes a lot. Tutorial and character naming is also skipped for some reason.

Moving to Ingame.
With Write color buffer game looks better. Also I noticed that for some reason there are no enemies when they should be.
[Image: KHVVb97.jpg]
[Image: Dsp8VgS.jpg]
Got ingame (Dark world) but fps is abysmal ~3 fps on i5-2400 12 gb ram gtx 580.

Windows 7
GTX 1080
Using PL #4432

Got ingame. Lots of missing graphics, which were once fixed by using "Write Color Buffers", however, that option now causes the game to freeze after selecting "New Game" and just before your character is supposed to pop up out of the portal. Missing graphics include: Player, Weapon, Monsters, Fog, etc. Was able to get to the part in the tutorial where you must defeat a monster (Tutorial talks about how to target monster and how to attack), but the monster will continually despawn and respawn which triggers the tutorial to play in a loop. Cannot advance any further at this point.