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Full Version: xinput?
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Maybe it's too soon to ask, but: what do you guys think about implementing this lib? it could add support for many gamepads, even DS3 (with this driver MotionInJoy DS3 tool, which can emulate DS3 as xinput device)
Yes, it's great for Windows, and could probably be done in the future. Right now I think most people are working on more central things like actually getting games to display something though. There is also work on getting it to run on Linux, so work on Windows specific stuff probably won't be done for a while.

But, if someone wants to do it, and has the required knowledge to do it, go for it! (just don't break other platforms). The project is open source after all.


i wish i could get into developing this emulator, but its hard to get into it at this stage. Code is complicated and hard-to-read. Im trying to understand how it works and maybe one day i will make a commit Wink

and sorry for english, i'm not native.
But at least you know C++? I know... Python... and Java. Not all that useful in this case Tongue

In any case, I think there are some more "simple" tasks that could be done. Like perhaps implementing save/load support. It would not really be dependent on any super deep knowledge of how many other parts of the emulator works. Or perhaps you could look really hard at some smaller parts of the code and maybe find a bug or two. Disgaea 3 has some mysterious video error...


I vote for SDL or something similar to wrap platform specific stuff like XInput. (I don't trust the wxJoystick implementation)


yeah, i know c++, and i have done already something in emulation (but i think CHIP8 emulator don't have too much in common with this project Tongue)