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Full Version: Batman: Arkham City [BLUS30538]
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Just see SS...and now i'm going to sleep.
try Create Folder "UnrealEngine3", now emu is crashing...idk what need for it(
Today (later), i try download full game, maybe it's can fix some errors with "sys_fs" path and show me something else.
It tries to access the cache. Persona 4 Arena also crashes when doing that. I think someone is working on it.
I create "UnrealEngine3" in game folder and...neeeext =)
Now, i can try other errors with "not found"...let's see..

Crashing...just wait...
small news =)
Any changes?
(09-26-2016, 02:43 PM)MarioSonic2987 Wrote: [ -> ]Any changes?

I don't have this game atm, maybe some days
RPCS3 v0.0.2-3-83ffd7c Alpha
Black screen only; the game freezes after installing its data:
Be aware! That was tested on lle-gcm experimental build.

It's a half-playable now. A lot of texture glitches and dropping fps.

LLE's: Automatic
PPU interpreter/LLVM Recompiler
OpenGL (When I'm using Vulkan it keeps loading OpenGL...idk why)
lle-gcm will be merged soon. When it is, please retest. Loadable for now.
(07-28-2017, 05:19 PM)Annie Wrote: [ -> ]lle-gcm will be merged soon. When it is, please retest. Loadable for now.

Yeah, it's working the same on master build (a lot of graphic glitches, but it works).
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