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Full Version: Arkedo Series - 02 Swap! [NPEB00614]
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Requires to replace key.edat with decrypted one.

No words can explain what I'm feeling right now. *faints*

Edit: OK, this is really awesome and all, but the game is basically just some bejeweled clone :p Still, this is monumental. If this game goes this far, other simple PSN games can't be far away either...


Dem newzBig Grin i bet BlackDaemon must have felt like:
[Image: d9ac3e8525fdeff26c9d9ecbe2aeb398acc6aff2.png]


I just shit in my pants....

Okay I`m Kidding but this is mega epic Awesome!

Really nice Work!

[Image: Good-Job.jpg]


could you plz post the decrypted edat? until i find out how to decrypt it


[Image: despicable-me-2-minions-gif]

The game looks like a phone game but AWESOME to see the progress!
Nice work, bro!


Wow, first half playable game..
I like it


How do you like dem apples:


I can't actually play because this game requires the right analog stick and we didn't map it Tongue

edit: nvm, right stick is home,end, pg up and pg down
Nice..."Playable", wow!
Good job!
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