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Full Version: rpcs3 builds
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Since the emunews buildbot is busted, and emucr are sometimes really slow, I though I should post the latest revision here, especially since this one is pretty big. We used to have a thread like this before it got deleted by Akismet...

Anyone else can also upload new builds in the future. This is up to and including:

Merge pull request #89 from Nekotekina/master

You can of course just paste over rpcs3.exe to your old install and keep all configs.
Updated: http://www.mediafire.com/download/3ovv33...s3-x64.zip

Fixed x64 compilation errors & cellFsGetFreeSize


i probably fixed emunewz rpcs3 builds. if anyone wish to test them ?: )
Yes, seems to work.


cool Big Grin
hey, bro's, if you can't complete last build (with error: avcodec...no such directory), just put ffmpeg(link) in the trunk folder)


i don't understand it doesn't work?
(03-04-2014, 09:17 PM)shadow Wrote: [ -> ]i don't understand it doesn't work?
don't work for me without ffmpeg folder(
but now, it's ok


buildbot should have that already..