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Full Version: Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX [BLES01897]
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(12-05-2017, 12:43 PM)TiboLeParano Wrote: [ -> ]
(09-09-2017, 11:50 AM)Joincidencia_92 Wrote: [ -> ]Hi, i've been playing this game without any problem until Agrabah World. When you have to fight against Jafar the second time I can't see anything, only the interfaces like VT, MP... In a crazy try, fighting with a black screen I could beat him. But in the Little Mermaid World the problem is back, and this time I cant do anything. Can somebody solve this problem??

PS: sometimes the audio is muted too.
PS2: sorry for my English, is not my primary language.
Hi, I'm having exactly the same problem on KH 1.5 even with the latest updates :
when coming to the agrabah's 2nd part of the boss, i still have the sound (sometimes not) but the graphics usually stays on a frame previously generated : last checkpoint, entry into a new map sector, the interface with HP / texts remains, I can even have a target on the enemy, but graphically the frame stay frozen.
First time, vs Agrabah's boss I updated the game and it worked, but i meet exactly the same problem in atlantica, where there shall be a graphic effect of "underwater" :
The first times, graphics froze just after coming in the world, with still sound and interface displaying,
Updating didn't fixed this time, after making a few changes, (if I remember well, i changes PPU and SPU to Interpreter (Precise), put firmware settings on "automatically load required librairies", i checked "hook static functions",  and in the GPU options i checked "Strict rendering mode", "disable vertex cache", "write color buffers") and i achieved to launch to "incoming in the world" video, and save my game from this point.
When i launch that savegame, i'm able to re-access the menu and save options, but if I leave the initial map area tho the nearest one, entering the menu makes the graphics crash again.
I don't know what to do, i may try previous versions of RPCS3 to see if it works better
Thanks for any help !

Hi, I just managed to get through Atlantis using these settings:
CPU settings
PPU decoder: Interpreter (fast)
SPU decoder: Recompiler (ASMJIT)
Automatically load required libraries
Enable SPU loop detection

GPU settings
Renderer: Vulkan
Graphics Device:
Aspect Ratio:
Anisotropic Filter:
Default Resolution:
[x] Strict Rendering mode
[x] VSync
[x] Disable Vertex Cache

Audio out: XAudio2

Build (i think) rpcs3-v0.0.4-2017-12-10-42c2df87_win64

And most importantly didn't play in fullscreen, don't know if its my computer or something else but as soon as i entered fullscreen mode the fps dropped. And if I tried to enter the in game menu or the save/party menu the game froze and the emulator crashed.
played through atlantis at 30-60fps. The audio dissapeared twice when this appeared in the log: F {SPU[0x2000000] Thread (AxaSoundCellSpursKernel0)} MEM: Access violation reading location 0x0
but other than that no major issues.

PS. English isn't my native language so please excuse my spelling and grammar.
I'm going to move this back to ingame, it seems like Chain of Memories has always had some major issues.
For KH Final Remix, the game crashes for me after the intro cutscene. Any reason why?

CPU settings:
PPU decoder: Interpreter (fast) and LLVM Recompiler (Fastest) both tested
SPU decoder: Recompiler (ASMJIT)
Automatically load required libraries and Load liblv2.sprx both tested
Enable SPU loop detection, SPU Cache, Enable Threat Scheduler

GPU settings
Renderer: Vulkan
Framelimit: 60 and Off both tested
Default Resolution: 1920x1080
Strict Rendering mode tested on and off
VSync tested on and off
Disable Vertex Cache tested on and off
Its just a race condition, its always been there. You need to just keep trying it. Also, use 1280x720 and use 150% resolution scaling it will give better visuals increased performance and more compatibility across all games (you can go higher than 150% ofc).
Most games dont need vertex cache and its more of a visual thing. Same with vsync and strict rendering mode. They don't generally speaking fix crashes.
Keep gpu texture scaling off for KH games as well.
I had the same problem with Kingdom Hearts 1 and  Jafar's 2nd fight.

Write color buffers with cpu blit did the trick to pass this boss normally.
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